Medicine Buddha Practice

Medicine Buddha Practice

Desi Sangye Gyatso / Public domain
Medicine Buddha

The Buddha taught that our human condition entails certain inevitabilities, such as birth, aging, sickness and death. While this might sounds like a hard truth, the flip side of this truth is compassion. Facing these human realities connects us to others. We can empathize because we have experienced.

This natural empathy can be invoked and focused with the help of Medicine Buddha. In Himalayana Countries, Medicine Buddha is the patron saint of healers, doctors and nurses.

Medicine Buddha is deep blue in color, the shade of Lapis Lazuli. He holds a begging bowl full of healing nectar. This blue Buddha’s compassionate mission is to send healing blue light to all beings, soothing physical and mental illness, along with the underlying causes.

At this unprecedented time of global pandemic, Medicine Buddha can become our patron saint too, reminding us of the power of our daily prayers and heartfelt compassion to support those who are facing sickness and loss.

In this audio recording, Lama Willa guides the practice of Medicine Buddha.

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