Solo Retreats at Wonderwell

Solitary retreat provides an opportunity to step away from the busyness and speed of daily life and engage deeply with meditation practice.

Ideally, a solo retreat can greatly support a practitioner’s inward journey by allowing a deeper, more insightful relationship to oneself and one’s practice through silence, deep meditation, and relaxation in Wonderwell’s peaceful and supportive environment.

This type of retreat is self-led, without any formal program or instruction, and is intended for people with an established meditation practice and at least some experience with meditation retreats.

Application requirements vary depending on the length of the solo retreat requested. See
below for details.

Solo Retreats in the time of Corona Virus

We are pleased to be able to host solo retreats at Wonderwell during this time. Some
adjustments have been made in order to minimize personal contact and keep everyone
(retreatants and staff) as safe as possible. Please read the following carefully.

  • Self-monitor your health status carefully prior to coming. Do not come to Wonderwell if you have a cough, sore throat, fever, or any other COVID 19 symptoms or signs of illness. If you develop symptoms while at Wonderwell, please let us know. We will ask that you return home and contact your health providers there. Refunds will be issued for all canceled or shortened retreats due to illness.

  • Solo Retreatants must stay within their designated retreat area (see below for descriptions of each solo retreat space). Please do not enter or pass through the main part of the building. Only use the separate outside entrance for your area.

  • Please bring a mask in case of need. Practice physical distancing and/or wear a mask when leaving and entering the building, as you might encounter staff members or other retreatants. If you need to communicate with staff, use text or phone.

  • The Meditation Hall is off-limits. We apologize for this. Please meditate only within your designated retreat area or outside. Zafu and zabuton will be provided. Feel free to bring your own cushions and any personal practice items for your retreat.

  • Check-in time is no earlier than 12:00 noon on the first day of your retreat, and departure must be no later than noon on the final day. This is to allow sufficient time for airing and cleaning of retreat spaces prior to the next retreatant’s arrival.

  • Please bring a personal pillow for sleeping, and a bath towel.

  • Sheets – please bring your own if possible. Blankets will be provided.

    • The Vajra Suite has a king-size bed. We can provide these sheets if you don’t
      own a set – just please let us know in advance.

    • The Garden Level Suite has two bedrooms, each with a twin-size bed.

    • The Mountain View Suite has twin-size beds.

  • No candles, incense or open flames are allowed inside the building.

Application Requirements for Solo Retreat

To apply for a solo retreat, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Your preferred dates for retreat, and the retreat space you are interested in (see below).
  • For a solo retreat of 2-6 nights, please describe your style of meditation practice, how long you have been practicing, your meditation retreat history, and how you plan to utilize your retreat time at Wonderwell.
  • For a solo retreat of 7 nights or longer, please provide the same information as above, and, in addition, a letter of recommendation from your meditation instructor or Dharma teacher.

Before being accepted to engage in a solo retreat at Wonderwell, you may be asked to have a phone interview with Wonderwell’s Managing Teacher.

These requirements are to ensure that Wonderwell can best support your retreat experience.

Cost and Payment

Payment for solo retreats must be submitted in full to complete the reservation. Descriptions and photos of each solo retreat space are shown below.

  • The cost of the Vajra Suite is $150 per night.
  • The cost of the Garden Level Suite is $108 per night.
  • The cost of the Mountain View Suite is $108 per night.

There is a 20% discount for retreats of 7-13 nights, a 30% discount for retreats of 14-20 nights, and a 40% discount for retreats of 21 nights or longer.

Other Important Points

  • You will need to bring all your own food for your solo retreat. Each area has its own kitchen for your exclusive use while you are here. These kitchens are not intended for elaborate cooking, and simplicity is encouraged.
  • There is a nearby grocery store (10-minute drive) for shopping and resupply during longer retreats.
  • Solo retreatants are asked to maintain Noble Silence while at Wonderwell, except for the initial arrival & orientation, requests, and emergencies.
  • There may occasionally be grounds and maintenance work happening on the premises. We cannot promise complete silence at all times.
  • Wifi is available for retreatant use if needed.

Solo Retreat Space Descriptions

Vajra Suite

Located on the first floor, this suite has easy access via a small private deck. Inside there is a spacious bedroom, a private bath and kitchen, and a comfortable sitting/meditation room. Like all our Solo Suites, the Vajra looks out over the rear grounds to the forest and the mountains beyond – with the added benefit that the view is visible from the comfort of the king-size bed. 

This kitchen features a full-size fridge (with freezer), hotplate (no actual stove), microwave, toaster oven, and electric kettle. There are pots and pans, dishes, utensils, knives and cutting boards. There is very little in the way of spices, condiments or cooking oil, so it’s best to bring with you what you like.

Garden Level Suite

Although technically “in the basement” of Wonderwell, this suite is bright and comfortable and fully above ground all along the west side of the building. It features two bedrooms with single beds, a private bathroom, and a private kitchen/sitting/dining area with a bank of west-facing windows to take in the views. The private entrance is accessed by a set of outdoor stairs, and this door opens directly onto the beauty of the rear grounds and gardens.

This kitchen features a full-size fridge (with freezer), electric stove w/oven, microwave, toaster, and electric kettle. There are pots and pans, dishes, utensils, knives and cutting boards. There is very little in the way of spices, condiments or cooking oil, so it’s best to bring with you what you like.

Mountain View Suite

Located on the second floor, this suite is accessed via a set of outdoor stairs leading up to a private entrance. There is a large open main room (which serves as a dormitory in non-COVID times), a large adjacent bathroom, and a separate attached room with kitchen facilities – all for your exclusive use during your stay. This suite features extra-large west-facing windows, with sweeping views of the rear grounds and the forested mountains in the distance.

This kitchen features a mid-size fridge (with freezer), hotplate (no actual stove), microwave, toaster oven and electric kettle. There are pots and pans, dishes, utensils, knives and cutting boards. There is very little in the way of spices, condiments or cooking oil, so it’s best to bring with you what you like.

Please be aware that the sink for this suite (including for the kitchen) is located in the outer area of the dormitory-style bathroom. The shower and toilets are in separate self-contained cubicles with full-sized doors that can be closed while doing dishes, etc.

Step away and engage deeply with your practice.
Vajra Suite opens to private deck
Meditation room in Vajra Suite
View from Vajra Suite deck
Spacious sleeping area in Mountain View Suite
Mountain view from Mountain View!
Garden view from the Garden Level Suite
One of the bedrooms in Garden Suite
Sitting area and kitchen in Garden Suite
Wonderwell's peaceful and supportive environment
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