NDF In Memoriam

In dedication to those who have transitioned

May the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas show you the way

Bob Morrison

NDF Dharma Teacher, Co-Director, Margha Program, Margha Mitra

In loving memory of our dear friend, teacher, and Dharma brother.

Ann Baehr

Wife of Meditation Teacher, Joel Baehr.

Our dear dharma sister Annie Baehr, beloved wife of NDF Teacher Joel Baehr, recently passed away.

Deb Krause

One of NDF’s Original Members

In Sept/2021, the Natural Dharma Fellowship sangha mourned the loss of one of its original members, Deb Krause.

Arline Saturdayborn

One of NDF’s Original Members

Arline Saturdayborn, a long-time sangha member of NDF and  meditation teacher passed  on February 7th, 2023. 

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