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Natural Dharma Fellowship and Wonderwell flourish only through the generosity and openhearted giving of people like you.

Dana is Sanskrit for generosity. In Buddhist traditions, it is one of the central virtues cultivated on the path. It opens our hearts and connects us with the well-being of others.

Our retreats are priced to make them accessible, and participant fees do not fully cover our operating expenses.

Out of gratitude for the teachers and the teachings, students offer dana to support them.

Considering the benefits you have received, and wishing for others to experience them as well, please take this wonderful opportunity to practice generosity and support the continuation of this Dharma vessel.

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Becoming a member of Natural Dharma Fellowship is a wonderful way for you to participate in sacred community and express gratitude and generosity. Your membership provides sustaining support to NDF and Wonderwell.

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Honoring those who have named
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Please consider joining the community of people who care about the future of Natural Dharma Fellowship by including NDF in their estate plans. Natural Dharma Fellowship welcomes bequests of all sizes from individuals at all stages of life. Learn More

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Natural Dharma Fellowship is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, religious organization. We thank you for your generosity.

Other Ways to Support Us

Donate Public Stock

Contact Phil Malloy, NDF’s Treasurer, at  for details.

Support Local Food Banks

Wonderwell is a collection point for local food banks in Newport and New London. Please consider bringing some non-perishable food items when you come to Wonderwell. The collection basket is in the coat hallway.