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Importance of Membership and Sangha

Practice is a blessing in all its forms. But the greatest blessing of all is practice within the context of a supportive spiritual community, a sangha. We are excited to welcome you into our community at Natural Dharma Fellowship.

What are the benefits of becoming an NDF Member?

  • Participate in a sacred community and express gratitude for such.
  • Help sustain Natural Dharma Fellowship and its retreat center, Wonderwell Mountain Refuge.
  • Support the Natural Dharma Fellowship Scholarship Program, which allows us to make the Dharma accessible to all regardless of financial constraints.
  • Receive a 50% discount on Open Practice Weekends at Wonderwell (for members at the Yogi Level or higher)”.
  • Serve on Natural Dharma Fellowship committees—a wonderful way to connect with fellow yogis and yoginis while serving the sangha..

Sign up for Membership

To join Natural Dharma Fellowship, follow the link to your preferred payment option below. For your convenience, membership may be paid annually or in monthly installments. Your credit card will be automatically charged each year or month, depending on your preference.

Payment Options

You may also pay membership dues by check.
Please indicate “NDF Membership” in the memo and mail to:

NDF Treasurer
Natural Dharma Fellowship
PO Box 324
Springfield, NH 03284

Membership Levels

  • Yogi ($108 annually, $9 monthly, or a $108 one-time payment)
  • Contributor ($300 annually, $25 monthly, or a $300 one-time payment)
  • Supporter ($600 annually, $50 monthly, or a $600 one-time payment)
  • Sponsor ($1,000 annually, $90 monthly, or a $1,000 one-time payment)
  • Patron ($1,500 annually, $125 monthly, or a $1,500 one-time payment)
  • Benefactor ($3,000 annually, $250 monthly, or a $3,000 one-time payment)
  • Pay what you can $______ (this option allows you to put in your own amount for each type of membership)

Change your Membership donation amount

  • If you would like to increase, decrease, or terminate your donation amount, please email Phil Malloy, NDF Treasurer.
  • If your donation is processed through PayPal, process the change through their website. Log into your PayPal account for more details on how to make the change.

Please contact with any questions.

Thank you for your support of Natural Dharma Fellowship and Wonderwell Mountain Refuge!

"Membership is one way to practice Bodhicitta in action, by helping to bring the Dharma into our own life and into others’ lives."

Lama Willa Miller

“Sangha is like a boat that helps us to cross the ocean of sorrow… When you allow yourself to be in a sangha the way a drop of water allows itself to be in a river, the energy of the sangha can penetrate into you, and transformation and healing will become possible.”

Lama Liz Monson
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