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We hope you’ll find this “road map” useful in understanding some of the technical aspects of our website.  Use the sections below as resources for questions you may have about the website, user accounts, and resources. Once you’ve taken a look around, please feel free to email us at with any additional questions.

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Technical FAQ

User Accounts

  • Go to the NDF Home page.
  • Click the link at the top-right corner of the home page.
  • Fill in the form to create an account.
  • Once the account is created, you'll can log into your account.

NOTE: It's very important that when registering for NDF events, you use the same email address you used to create your User Account. This is how your resources are assigned. You can also review the video tutorial on that page.

  • Visit the NDF Login Page
  • Click the "Lost your password?" link
  • Follow the instructions.

Here's a quick video that will show you how.

The quickest way to get back in is to reset your password.

  • Go to the login page
  • Click "Lost your password?"
  • Follow the prompts to set the new password.

Here's a quick video that will show you how.

When will my user account be linked with resources? with event resources 24-48 hours before it begins. For those who register for events after this cutoff, accounts are synced within 48 hours after the conclusion of events.

If you've created an account not associated with any particular event, we sync accounts on Thursdays.

We recommend that whenever possible,

  • REGISTER for an event at least 48 hours before the start of the program so you'll be included in the group that has resources assigned before the event.
  • CREATE a user account after you register so you can be assigned to the retreat within the 24-48 hour window before it begins.
  • ACCESS the user account at least 24 hours before the retreat begins to check for pre-retreat materials and the zoom link.

If you do not have an account at the time resources are synched, an account will be created for you using the email address you provided when registering.

You will have to reset the temporary password using that email address in order to get in. You will receive an email notification that an account has been created and a link to change the default password.

Be sure to use the same email address you used when you register that you use when registering for NDF events..

No. This is not recommended as it will confuse the process of syncing your resources. It is best to choose one email address to use for both your user account and NDF registration.

Creating an account does not automatically sync your resources. This is done manually by a human so there will be lag between when you register and when resources are assigned to your account.

Resources for most events and new user accounts are assigned on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please notify if you're not brought up-to-date within a week of creating your account.

Resources are assigned base on the registrant's email address.  In order to save confusion and delay, it's important to use the same email address for your user account and continue to use it to register for any future events. Your email address is how resources are connected.

Access to your user account begins on the homepage of our website. In the upper right corner, you’ll see one of two things that indicate whether you are logged in or not...

  • You are logged IN if you see “My Dashboard” and “Log Out” links in the upper right corner.
  • You are logged OUT if you see "Create an Account” and “Log In” links in the upper right corner.

From there, you can take the appropriate action for accessing your dashboard.


The availability of Resources is not an automated process.  Human intervention is required between when you register for an event and when the event is finished, or after you create a user account. There must also be a user account created for resources to be connected.

There are three scenarios when resources are assigned.


Assigning resources for a specific event


Resources are set up just before an event is scheduled.  Users register for a retreat, course, series, or other events.  Just before the event goes live, a list is downloaded and the names put into a group for that resource.  It's then upload and accounts are synched with resources.

It's very important that you register for an event using your user account email address.


Assigning resources after an event


One final list is run after the event to see if there were any late registrations.  If you create an account during or after an event, your resource for that even will be assigned within 48 hours after the event.


Assigning resources ongoing


User account creation is an ongoing occurrence.  Depending on when you register for an event, or when your user account is created, there may be a short wait to be connected to the resource you signed up for.   If you attended a retreat or program and the resources haven't been assigned, please email

Paid resources will be listed on the Dashboard of your User Account on the NDF website.

Once you log in, click the resource you'd like to listen to. This will bring up a list of lessons. Click on any lesson to get to a playlist and the actual recordings.

  • Select a retreat or program from the list on your dashboard.
  • Select a lesson from the list of available resources for that retreat or program.
  • Follow the links on the next page to play the recording. 

When you first log in, you'll see your Dashboard listing of all your paid resources. From there, click one of the titles under Resource Content Lesson page that will split out the resources (where applicable) by days, categories, and other dividing factors.

Click any title on the playlist to listen to that recording. From there you can navigate through other Lesson playlist(s) or go back to your dashboard. click the

Marking recordings is completely optional for the user at this time and are not an indication of any activity, or lack of activity, by the user.

Our course application has the ability to track your activity on a particular lesson and recording. It's part of the plugin we used for the course resources on the website.

You can ignore them or use them to mark recordings you've listened to.

Your registration will ensure that your resources are assigned to your account however, resources are assigned manually and will not be available immediately.

Depending on when you register for an event, you will be linked to the resources either 24-48 hours prior to start, or up to 48 hours after the retreat ends.

We have volunteers who graciously work on preparing retreat recordings for posting in your resources. They are manually edited and assigned.

The retreat event listing will appear on your dashboard within a 24-48-hour window prior to the start of the retreat.

The actual recordings are uploaded within 7-10 days after the event.

Resources for multi-day retreats will be posted 5-7 business days after retreat has ended

Resources for weekly recordings will be posted by Friday of that week and is based on availability of files

NDF provides two types of resources -- Public & Paid.

Public resources are freely available to everyone and can be found on our Resources page.

Paid resources are associated with programs, retreats, and special events and will become available in your user account after an event.

Yes.  Retreat resources are available 7-10 days after a retreat has ended..  User accounts are manually synced with resources  twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday. 

On desktop:: The link to get back to your dashboard from any page on the site is in the upper right corner as long as you're logged in.

On mobile:: Click the three lines (hamburger menu) in the upper right corner; scroll down to bottom. Click either "log in" or "dashboard"

NDF has wonderfully rich recording archive and while it is on our radar to migrate all these resources over to the new website, we are still in the process of bringing them over.

This task is being done by volunteers and will be an ongoing project for the foreseeable future. Resources will become available in the following order...

  • Program resources for students (Margha, Vajrayana, Dzogchen)
  • Current year retreat recordings - as scheduled throughout 2021
  • 2020 retreats
  • 2019 - back
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