Volunteer Opportunities

Natural Dharma Fellowship would not be where we are today without the incredible generosity and heart of our volunteers. So much of what we do, and our success at doing it, depends on the generosity of Volunteers.  We have the great good fortune to work with a wonderful community of people who dedicate their precious time and energy and we are forever grateful for every minute.  

Below you will find opportunities to help us continue our service to the Sangha and beyond.

Volunteer Remotely

Help us continue to offer our courses, series, and retreats online
and in hybrid format from the ease and comfort of your own home.

Volunteer at Wonderwell

Enjoy the beauty of our special retreat center in Springfield, New Hampshire
while making an important contribution in our spiritual community.

Tech Positions

We need your help online!

Although Wonderwell is open for onsite retreats, the bulk of NDF’s programming remains online or in hybrid online/onsite form.

To make these programs possible, we need two Zoom Volunteers for each event, including Dharma Sundays, Dharma Dialogues, Meditation Groups, Weekly Classes, and all online and hybrid Retreats.


Zoom Hosts do not need to be tech-savvy. If you know how to participate in Zoom meetings and have reliable internet, please consider serving in this crucial role. We will provide training along with mentoring from experienced Zoom Hosts

Depending on your level of involvement, Zoom Hosting includes free attendance at online retreats and the online portions of hybrid retreats.

To Volunteer

If you’d like to volunteer or request more information, please email our Online Programs Coordinator at: programs@naturaldharma.org.

NDF is looking for a few volunteers to edit audio and video files for our online programs.  

This will likely become an ongoing opportunity for anyone interested in long-term volunteering in this area.


The work begins immediately following an online event and has a 5-day turnaround time.  You would be editing out non-essential parts of the recordings such as initial greetings, setup communication, tech talks, and end-of-session “chatter”.   

Depending on your level of comfort, it could also involve scanning the files for unwanted noises to resolve or clip out.

In addition, you would also do extractions of meditations from teachings so they can be listened to on their own without having to scan through a teaching.


Similar to audio editing, we are looking for volunteers to work with video trimming or clipping the same types of beginning and ending, “non-essential” parts of the video.  (No extractions are done with video files). 


Prior experience with audio/video editing is desirable but we are happy to train.  

The most important thing is that you’re comfortable around technology and are a self-starter who has consistent time to offer during our upcoming “retreat season”.  and doesn’t mind exploring new tools or suggesting some you already use.

This project will be supervised by Dianne Wiroll, Technical Manager, and Eric Brus, NDF’s Resident Audio Editor.  


If you are interested in volunteering in this area, please contact Dianne Wiroll to see if this is a fit for you. Thank you!


NDF has volunteer opportunities in one or more areas on our Resource Coordinator team.  The tasks involve working on building and maintaining the framework that holds our event recordings.  The list currently includes the items below and is always expanding and evolving.

Current tasks

  • Audio / Video editing [simple clipping and extractingsee listing “audio editors needed”
  • Playlist building
  • Building the front-end structure for our recordings

Future tasks

  • Catalog project
  • Categorization project
  • Resource Bundling project


You don’t need to have a high level of technical knowledge, just comfort with working in a basic technical environment and good organizational skills.  You are also comfortable working with little or no supervision once the project and tools are explained. 

We will train you on the process and assure you that the learning curve is very minimal for a person who is comfortable around technology.  If you can email and order things online, you’re perfect for this position.  

To Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering in this area, please contact Dianne Wiroll, Technical Manager, to learn more.

Thank you! 

Committees & Practice Groups

Do you have an interest in working with us to preserve, improve, and care for our beloved retreat center – Wonderwell?  We’re looking for volunteers to work with us on this new committee.

Role: Hold the overview as well as the historic memory of the ongoing development of NDF’s retreat facility, Wonderwell Mountain Refuge. Work alongside the Board of Directors on projects and activities that handle the short and long-term facility needs of Wonderwell. 


  • Brainstorm and share with the board and staff best practices of facilities management
  • Support the facilities staff in their efforts including any strategic planning goals for the facility/grounds of Wonderwell
  • Remain aware of any ongoing renovations and oversee them if and when possible
  • Facilitate and promote (when possible) research on Wonderwell’s historic value and funding opportunities
  • Note and track the property taxes assessed by the Town of Springfield
  • Work with the board to draft a short and long-range plan for Wonderwell’s maintenance and renovations
  • Research and propose ways to ‘green’ Wonderwell 
To Volunteer

Please contact kathemckenna@gmail.com to learn more.

We put the “Fun” in Fundraising!

Do you want to “give back” to NDF?  Joining the Stewardship Committee is a great way to express gratitude for the teachings.

What do we do? We volunteer our time and effort to help NDF gather the financial resources it needs to keep the teachings available for all. It is important and joyful work, benefitting all beings.

If you are interested in the sustainability of Natural Dharma Fellowship and perhaps have some experience in fundraising, the Stewardship Committee needs you. We’re entrusted with raising funds beyond program registrations to help secure, along with the board, NDF’s long-term health, both operationally and for whatever future needs arise.

Please join us in “paying back by paying it forward.” Your fundraising talents would be most welcome! 

To Volunteer

Please contact stewardship@naturaldharma.org to learn more.

The Inclusion and Equity Committee (IEC), which brings you Affinity Groups and Dharma at the Movies, is looking for 2 or 3 new members. Join us in providing tools for deconditioning the sangha from othering in all its forms. We are a friendly, action-oriented group open to everyone.

To Volunteer

Please contact Francine at francine.rainone@gmail.com.

The Bardo Practice Group Steering Committee is seeking a volunteer to fill the Scheduler role. 

Although many have expressed interest in practice leading and/or Zoom hosting, the current priority is for a Scheduler to join our volunteer team. This person is responsible for organizing and coordinating the Practice Leader weekly schedule 2-4 months at a time.

  • Experience with some scheduling applications (Google forms/sheets, SuperSurvey, Signup Genius, Doodle Poll, etc.) is helpful.
  • Time commitment isn’t large, and the team will assist you.

We look forward to you offering your compassionate organizing skills to help these practices continue uninterrupted. Bardo Committee Volunteers utilize diligence, joyful effort, and clear, timely communication for the benefit of all. 

Please contact ndfzoombardo@gmail.com

Wonderwell Positions

We anticipate the need for a “flight crew” to staff our brand new A/V system for hybrid retreats. This will involve using a software interface on your own computer to operate cameras and microphones remotely during retreats (think Zoom Host, only for Wonderwell’s A/V system directly.) 

The system is being installed in September and should be up and running by October.  All volunteers will receive training (flight school?)

More details TBA.  

To Volunteer

If you enjoy working with tech and are ready to receive your “wings”, please contact Andrea at ndfretreatcoordinator@naturaldharma.org

We are looking for help with house-related maintenance not covered by our regular cleaning service. This opportunity consists mainly of helping to “put the house back in order” after each retreat (including laundry which can be done on or offsite) and of larger laundering tasks throughout the year (comforter covers and blankets, zafu and zabuton covers, etc.) Other projects may arise. 

To Volunteer:

Interested in lending a hand? Please contact Andrea at ndfretreatcoordinator@naturaldharma.org

There are no opportunities available at this time.  

To Volunteer:

If you would like to be placed on our list for future contact, please email Andrea at: ndfretreatcoordinator@naturaldharma.org.

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