Volunteer Opportunities

Natural Dharma Fellowship’s existence relies heavily on the extraordinary generosity and dedication of our volunteers. From Zoom hosting to gardening, so much of what makes NDF special depends on how our vibrant community dedicates its precious time and energy. The NDF staff is incredibly fortunate to work with teams of such dedicated and caring sangha members. Every part of our organization and sangha is forever grateful for every minute offered as compassionate action.

From Lama Willa…

The word for service in Sanskrit is “seva”. Seva does not just mean offering help without compensation. It means “selfless service” and it is one of the most important spiritual practices in the Buddhist tradition. By practicing seva, we loosen the bonds of egotism and strengthen the habit of altruism, the essence of compassion in action.

Natural Dharma Fellowship invites you to practice Seva (service) by Volunteering for one of the opportunities below.

Thank you for your interest!  We sincerely hope to hear from you!

Help us continue to offer our courses, series, and retreats online and in hybrid format from the ease and comfort of your own home.

Enjoy the beauty of our special retreat center in Springfield, NH while making an important contribution in our spiritual community.

Volunteer Remotely

Remote – This is an “as needed” and ongoing opportunity for anyone interested in volunteering from home.  Commitment varies depending on the NDF event schedule.

We need remote volunteers (Studio Pilots) to help operate Wonderwell’s A/V system during live-streamed retreats and events.

Similar to the job of Zoom Host, you will use your own computer to join Wonderwell to Zoom remotely. Using a simple software interface, you’ll select and change cameras and angles and control sound in the meditation hall as needed.

During hybrid retreats, the Studio Pilot works on a team with the Zoom Hosts and Retreat Managers to ensure that online participants can see and hear Wonderwell and that Wonderwell can see and hear folks on Zoom.

Volunteering as a Studio Pilot does not require any special tech savvy! If you have a computer with a reliable Internet connection and are comfortable using it for basic functions, such as joining Zoom meetings, we will fully train you.

To Volunteer:

Please get in touch with Retreat Coordinator, Andrea Redican at for more information about this volunteer opportunity.


Remote – This is an “as needed” and ongoing opportunity for anyone interested in long-term volunteering in this area.  Commitment varies depending on the NDF event schedule.

The bulk of NDF’s programming is online or in hybrid (online/onsite) form. To make these programs possible, we need two to three Zoom Volunteers for each event, including Dharma Sundays, Dharma Dialogues, Meditation Groups, Weekly Classes, and all online and hybrid Retreats.


Zoom Hosts work in Zoom and collaborate using Google Workspace. Familiarity with Zoom and Workspace is a plus but not a requirement. Access to a computer and reliable internet is necessary to perform this service role. We will provide training, ongoing support, and mentorship from current Zoom Hosts. Zoom Hosting includes free attendance at online retreats and the online portions of hybrid retreats once training commitments have been met. 

To Volunteer:

If you’d like to volunteer or request more information, please email our Online Programs Coordinator at: .


Remote – This is an ongoing opportunity for anyone interested in long-term volunteering in this area.  Commitment approximately 10 hours per month.

We are looking to expand our small team of wonderful volunteers who help us get the dharma created during NDF events into the hands of our Sangha participants.  We have volunteer opportunities in one or more areas on our Resource Coordinator team. Our needs vary in each category and are always expanding and evolving. 

The tasks involve working on building and maintaining the framework that holds our event recordings.  Our Resource Coordinator tasks and areas of responsibility are listed below.  

  • Audio editing [simple clipping and extracting]
  • Video editing [simple clipping and extracting]
  • Playlist building
  • Resource building in WordPress
  • Posting additional materials
  • Connecting user lists

From time to time, we will work on special projects that support the management and updating of resources for our Sangha.  They will relate to skills within the Resource Coordinator descriptions.  Upcoming projects include but are not limited to:

  • Catalog project
  • Categorization project
  • Resource bundling project
  • Resource archives

A high level of technical knowledge is not required.  We ask that… 

  • you’re comfortable with working in a basic technical environment
  • you have good attention to detail and good organizational skills
  • comfortable with “self-starting” and can be content working with little or no supervision once the project and tools are explained
  • have fairly consistent time to offer each month – aka, a certain number of hours per week or month, ongoing (approx. 8-10 hours a month depending on NDF’s schedule and the position

We will train you on the process and assure you that the learning curve is very minimal for a person who is comfortable around technology.  If you’re comfortable with emailing,  ordering things online, and joining a Zoom call, you’re perfect for this position.  

We meet once a month as a group to check in on how things are going, discuss upcoming events and projects, and get to know each other.  The meeting is not mandatory but it has worked out very well for everyone to touch base once a month.



Editing begins immediately following an online event and has a 5-day turnaround time.  You would be editing out non-essential parts of the recordings such as initial greetings, setup communication, tech talks, and end-of-session “chatter”.  This also involves scanning the files for unwanted noises to resolve or clip out.

In addition, you would also do extractions of meditations from teachings so they can be listened to on their own without having to scan through an entire recording.

Prior experience with audio editing is helpful but not required.  We will teach you.  Familiarization and comfort with using new software are preferred.


Similar to audio editing, we are looking for volunteers to work with video trimming or clipping the same types of beginning and ending, “non-essential” parts of the video.  (No extractions are done with video files). Prior experience with audio/video editing is desirable but we can train you.  Familiarization and comfort with using new software are preferred. 


Once audio and video are edited, we need to create the layout that holds the recordings and additional materials.  This work is done primarily in WordPress and within two other plugins used to display the resources in the user accounts.


Our playlists are built using a plugin. The task is to create playlists for our retreats, courses, series, and weekly events. Following a prescribed naming convention, we copy and paste the recording files into the playlist which are then connected to the resource.


Once the resource is fully built, we connect the resource to the User Accounts via a spreadsheet upload. 

ADDITIONAL MATERIALS (documents, links, references, etc.)

This task involves posting the supporting documents and information passed along by our teachers, Lamas, and others who attend our events.  It includes: 

    • Working with our Zoom volunteers and staff to collect and compile all supporting links, book recommendations, documents, and presentations and add them to the Resource that accompanies the recordings.
    • This may include researching links and information needed to provide our participants with additional information from the event.

To Volunteer:

If you are interested in volunteering for the Resource Coordinator team, please contact to learn more.

Remote – This is an ongoing opportunity for anyone interested in long-term volunteering in this area.  Commitment approximately 8-10 hours per month.

We’re looking for volunteers who have WordPress experience to help with simple page updates, some limited design, and special projects from time to time.  

You will be assisting on an as-needed basis when pages on our website need to be updated.  You’ll also help with creating new pages, revising page layouts where needed, and assisting with special projects based on your level of comfort with the software.  

Intermediate experience with WordPress is required for basic editing of pages when they need updating.  Familiarity with webpage builder platforms is preferred but not mandatory.  (FYI – we use the Elementor web-building platform).

To Volunteer:

If you are interested in volunteering for this volunteer position, please contact Dianne Wiroll, Technical Manager to learn more.  Thank you for your interest! 


Remote – This is an ongoing opportunity for anyone interested in long-term volunteering in this area.  Commitment varies depending on campaigns throughout the year.

Do you have one hour a month to offer gratitude to those who generously support – with financial contributions – Natural Dharma Fellowship, Wonderwell Mountain Refuge, and now the purchase of our neighboring property?

NDF relies completely on the generous donations of members, sangha, and event participants to maintain and move forward with its important mission in the world.

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

… Coretta Scott King

Perhaps you have been the recipient of an individual note thanking you for a donation you made. These notes come from volunteers who contribute one hour or more a month for this meaningful gesture of gratitude.

Please join our team of volunteers. You will be provided with NDF notecards, stamps, and suggestions for the content of your note. Each month you receive the names and addresses of five donors to send personal cards to.  That’s it! The more people on our team, the lighter the task.  

To Volunteer:

Please contact if you are interested in helping out.

Committees & Council

NDF is growing and with growth comes more responsibilities.  What was carried by a few has now outgrown those dedicated shoulders.  To sustain and continue our mission, committees do important work to help the Board and the dharma vessel in several areas.  We welcome the insights and skills of new volunteers to provide depth and fresh eyes.

Below you’ll find our complete list of committees and email addresses for each chairperson.  You may read more about the roles and responsibilities of each committee on our website. 

Ethics Committee – Chair – Kathe McKenna

Finance Committee – Chair – Phil Malloy

Governance Committee – Chair – Kathe McKenna

Inclusion and Equity Committee – Chair – Kathe McKenna

Personnel Committee – Chair – Jane Moss

Stewardship  Committee – Acting Chair – Matthew Bellows

Note:  In the coming months, we will be engaging in capital campaigns to fund our purchase of Wonderwell’s neighboring property (formerly Faraway Farm) and renovation of Wonderwell’s beloved porch.  We welcome volunteers to any of our committees but the work ahead for the Stewardship Committee will be vital to our future and additional members are needed.  If you have fundraising experience, we would love to speak with you!

To Volunteer:

Please email the chairperson for information about their committee.  

Be sure to include your Name, Phone, which committee you are interested in, and a short paragraph about yourself and why you’re interested.

We put the “Fun” in Fundraising!

Do you want to “give back” to NDF?  Joining the Stewardship Committee is a great way to express gratitude for the teachings.

As members of the Stewardship Committee, we spend our time and effort to help NDF gather the financial resources it needs to keep the teachings available for all. It is important and joyful work, benefitting all beings.

If you are interested in the sustainability of Natural Dharma Fellowship and perhaps have some experience in fundraising, the Stewardship Committee needs you. We’re entrusted with raising funds beyond program registrations to help secure, along with the Board, NDF’s long-term health, both operationally and for whatever future needs arise.

Please join us in “paying back by paying it forward.” Your fundraising talents would be most welcome! 

To Volunteer

Please contact  to learn more.

Remote – This is an ongoing opportunity for anyone interested in long-term volunteering in this area.  Commitment approximately 6-10 hours per month.

The NDF Spiritual Programming Council (SPC) is seeking a person to join our small but tenacious group of volunteers to participate in the process of getting the Dharma onto our calendar and out into the world.


The role of SPC is to implement, administer, and maintain the quality of NDF’s spiritual programming in collaboration with the Teachers Council. This includes all events within a calendar year including multiple-day retreats and courses, Dharma Sundays, Dharma Dialogues, Monday Night Meditation and other sessions.  


Our SPC volunteers are responsible for reaching out to NDF and visiting teachers to present events to our NDF Sangha (online and in person).  This process includes outreach to the teacher(s), follow-up to get the specific event information (Title and Topic Description), and inputting the data collected to facilitate seamless collaboration with other NDF staff who are responsible for publicity and event implementation.


Being comfortable with and interested in basic technology is an important priority for this position.  It would be very helpful if you already are using email, spreadsheets, and documents regularly.  Familiarity with Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Workspace, or at least an eager willingness to learn it if you don’t have experience, will make this work much easier.  

In lieu of Google applications, Microsoft Excel and Word knowledge are helpful as well.  

We are happy to answer any questions about time commitment and requested skills.

To Volunteer:

Please send an email addressing your interest, background, and level of comfort with technology to Barbara Waldorf, Co-Managing Director of Spiritual Programming.    

Volunteer at Wonderwell

We are looking for help with house-related maintenance not covered by our regular cleaning service. This opportunity consists mainly of helping to “put the house back in order” after each retreat (including laundry which can be done on or offsite) and of larger laundering tasks throughout the year (comforter covers and blankets, zafu and zabuton covers, etc.) Other projects may arise. 

To Volunteer:

Interested in lending a hand? Please contact Andrea at


We are looking to add a few “Bodhisattvas in Training” to our amazing group of Retreat Managers in 2024.

Being a Retreat Manager, “the yogi job of all yogi jobs… as described by long-time volunteer, Judith Coleman”, represents a serious commitment to service!

If you are interested in helping to facilitate every aspect of onsite and hybrid retreats at Wonderwell in exchange for room and board, and you can commit to at least two retreats per year, please reach out.

To Volunteer:

Please email Retreat Coordinator, Andrea Redican at

To ensure that our retreats are accessible for people who need to use public transportation, we offer a shuttle service run by volunteer drivers using their own cars between Wonderwell and the Dartmouth Coach bus stops in New London and Lebanon.

We always welcome new volunteers, especially those who live relatively close to these bus stops. The only job requirements are reliability, a suitable vehicle, texting capabilities, and a welcoming smile.

To Volunteer:

Please contact Sheila at if you’d like to join the team.