Work-Study Scholarships

It is Natural Dharma Fellowship’s aspiration that no one be turned away from teachings and retreats due to the inability to pay.

Financial aid opportunities are available through Natural Dharma Fellowship to offset the cost of all of our retreats and courses. If paying the full retreat cost would create an undue financial burden, please allow us to help. 

Scholarships - Residential Retreats

If you are interested in a scholarship for a residential retreat, we ask that you fill out our scholarship application. Your answers to any of the questions will not influence an award decision, and the information will be kept confidential.

In order for us to evaluate your scholarship application, you must first register for the retreat you are interested in attending. In order to submit your registration, you will need to pay a 25% deposit by choosing this option in the payment box. If a scholarship is not awarded, we will refund that deposit.

To stretch our scholarship funds as far as possible, scholarships will generally be awarded only for the least expensive lodging options for any particular retreat. Until dorm rooms are available again, this will be shared rooms, tenting, or commuting.

Online Retreats

Online retreats are offered on a sliding fee scale in which you can choose the amount that best fits your financial situation, even if it is $0. Therefore, there is no need to apply for scholarships.  

There are three suggested payment levels:

  • Benefactor – for those who can afford it, this fee level helps provide support for those with limited financial resources and assists with the care and maintenance of Wonderwell Mountain Refuge
  • Program fee – for those who can cover the basic cost of a retreat or course
  • Supported – for those with limited financial resources or recent financial hardship

The pricing options for a particular retreat are based primarily on its length and are intended to give you an idea of what it costs to offer that retreat. Any amount offered above the Program Fee level will be considered a tax-deductible donation and will be acknowledged as such.

Apply for a Scholarship

Please click the button below to fill out and submit the scholarship application form.