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Upcoming External Events​

Over the course of a year, our core teachers are invited to be guests at various retreat and Buddhist study centers around the country and beyond.
The section below contains listings and links for retreats that Willa is offering through other venues outside of Natural Dharma Fellowship.
Scroll through the gallery below to see upcoming events and click through for more information & registration.

These retreats are held outside of Natural Dharma Fellowship and will not show up on our regular schedule.
Please contact the individual venues for information and registration.


Blue Spirit | Costa Rica
Date TBA
Wild Awakening: A Journey Back to Wholeness through Meditation, Reconnection, and Rewilding
with Lama Willa Baker and Lama Liz Monson

How do we travel a path from feeling fractured to wholeness? What practices return us to harmony and integrity with the natural world? What are the foundations for living well with and for others, with and for this struggling world? If these questions tug at your soul, this retreat is for you.
Link Coming Soon!


The Wakeful Body

Somatic mindfulness is informed by one very simple observation: the mind is distracted but the body is not. The body is not thinking or ruminating. It is just feeling and being present, aware, and vibrant.


The Arts of Contemplative Care

Powerful and life-affirming, this watershed volume brings together the voices of pioneers in the field of contemplative care--from hospice and hospitals to colleges, prisons, and the military.


Everyday Dharma

In The Everyday Dharma, Willa Blythe Baker, an authorized Lama in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition, reworks ancient Buddhist techniques and adapts them for western readers seeking personal transformation. 


Essence of Ambrosia

Essence of Ambrosia: a guide to Buddhist meditation, composed by prolific Tibetan scholar and practitioner Jonangpa Tāranātha ("Liberating Protector of Jonang,").  Translated by Willa Blythe Baker.


Articles & Resources

  • Let the Body Lead – Willa Blythe Baker on her new book, the pandemic, and the wisdom of the wild. [Nov 2021] 
  • Being in Body Time – Unlike our minds, our bodies always exist in the radical present. [Mar 2021] 
  • The Art of Somatic Mindfulness – Willa Blythe Baker helps us access the body’s wisdom through an exploration of the four layers of embodiment: the physical, energetic, mental, and integrative. [Jan 2021] 
  • The Body Is Already Mindful – If you struggle to tame your thoughts, try turning over the reins. [Winter 2021] 
  • Reckoning with Invisible Deities (Part Two) – Lama Willa expresses both awe for the power of the coronavirus to disrupt our lives, leaving us “dancing with uncertainty,” and appreciation for its teaching.
  • Earth Body: Resonance and Response An EcoDharma Exploration – What is the relationship between Earth’s vibrancy and our own? How might we sense, even subtly, the dramatic changes underway in the living Earth community? And what is possible when we begin to understand our body as inseparable from Earth’s body, as an extension of our source and home?
  • Meditation Only Goes So Far – If you want to connect with the open, spacious quality of mind, says Willa Blythe Baker, at some point you have to stop trying to meditate. [Jun 2022] 
  • Breaking the Silence on Sexual Misconduct – Willa Blythe Baker offers both her painful firsthand account of sexual misconduct by a guru and insight for fellow survivors and communities. Photo-performances by Cecilia Paredes. [May 2018] 
  • Willa Blythe Baker’s Advice for Climate Change ActivistsWilla Blythe Baker (formerly known as Lama Willa Miller) offers advice for activists on working with emotion, community, and uncertainty. [Apr 2018] 
  • The Body’s Knowledge – Most of us grow up thinking the body is a flesh and blood organism made up of parts and systems. It is something that is described and researched, an object to be known. Rarely do we think of the body as something that knows things. Rarely do we ask the body for answers. [Nov 2021] 
  • The Body’s Honesty – Have you ever experienced an emotion—fear or anger for example– but did not realize it until much later? It is not uncommon to live for periods of our lives unable or unwilling to acknowledge the truth of what we are feeling. [March 2020] 
  • The Art of BeingWilla Blythe Baker (formerly known as Lama Willa Miller) offers advice for activists on working with emotion, community, and uncertainty. [Feb 2019] 


Willa Blythe Baker
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