Year End Message from our Lamas

Year End Message from our Lamas

From Lama Willa and Lama Liz

Dear Friends,

There is no constant but change. This teaching of the Buddha has never resonated more than during these past many months, as we have seen the fluctuations of climate, the Covid virus, and our social and political realms. At Natural Dharma Fellowship, we are committed to offering spaces of refuge and love through our weekly sitting practices, on-line retreats, Dharma Sundays, and many opportunities for deeper study in practices of wisdom and compassion for ourselves and for the chaotic world around us.

During the COVID pandemic, issues surrounding race, power, gender, climate, and social violence have come sharply into focus. As we all work to educate ourselves and explore the possibilities for beneficial action in the world, the dharma teachings have never been more relevant. To continue to expand our relevant offerings and teachings to meet these new conditions, we have brought on many new volunteers and hired new core staff to ensure that you have access to the dharma throughout this period through both onsite and online hybrid retreats and classes.

We remain committed to offering sacred spaces, online and in person, to deepen in the joy of awakening for the sake of our planet, our communities and our families.

This letter is an invitation to you to contemplate the role NDF plays in your spiritual path and in your life. If you see benefit in your connection with this vessel, we hope that you will consider a Year End Gift to support NDF and Wonderwell Mountain Refuge as we continue to ensure that our beloved retreat center can remain open with strict safety measures in place.


As part of the NDF Sangha, you and your fellow practitioners are the bedrock of our existence. Without your interest, deep practice, loving presences, and generosity, there would be no NDF. Your charitable donations provide an essential part of our operating budget and we could not survive without you. We are deeply grateful for your support. Thank you for considering a year end contribution

We look forward to seeing you at any of the numerous virtual and in-person events coming up in the next years, as you and our entire sangha continue to manifest what it means to be compassionate presences in the world.

With love and gratitude,

Lama Willa & Lama Liz
Spiritual Co-directors of Natural Dharma Fellowship

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