TECH NEWS – Our Recent Resources Upgrade

TECH NEWS – Our Recent Resources Upgrade

Dear Sangha… 

SO many things to catch up on – informationally, logistically, and with resources in general.  In this article, we address migration to a new server, a small challenge of the new Resource environment, a hint of more enhancements to come, and a timeline for catching up to “lost” resources and backlog in general.

First the big news

Earlier in October, we made the transition from an old server to a new one AND upgraded our Resource platform to one that will bring improvements both technically and aesthetically, now and in the coming months.  This change was almost a year in the making and gave us a much-needed space in which to grow our technical footprint.

Along with that transition, we put a new “face” on free resources which gives a preview of what all resources will look like in the not-too-distant future.  

We want you to know we’ve heard your feedback about the “new” dashboard.  We understand that the pop-up window is not an ideal way to serve up your resources and the inability to search is a speed bump.  We agree it’s cumbersome for now, but it helps us as we prepare for the next phase that’s coming soon.  We promise this is a necessary interim solution while we work on better things to come and assure you that navigating Resources will get much easier with the next iteration.

Please note again… this is a completely TEMPORARY setup and there is a huge improvement coming in the next month or so.  

Clean up on Aisle Five

As you can imagine, this undertaking was a big one, and as much as we could, we reviewed, checked, and double-checked to make sure we brought everything over with us.  With technology, sometimes there are things you can’t see until you go through a transition and see what shakes out.  

In the end, there were a few stragglers that got left behind.  Thanks to your emails to TechSupport, we have a good view of what got lost and are working to restore what’s missing for you.  We ask that you “excuse the mess” while we rescue the stragglers and tidy up the new home for our Resources.  

What to expect this month

During the planning and migration to the new environment, things fell behind.  Here’s the plan for pulling in the stragglers and taking care of the backlog.

  • During the week of 10/30-11/3 – You will see the stragglers appear back in your dashboard for those retreats you attended either online or in person.  This will include retreats that went missing in your dashboard from July to October of this year.
  • During the week of 11/6-11/10 – You will see series and courses caught up.  This will include videos for Dharma Dialogues and Rewilding as well as audio for the Beginner’s Course and Divine Feminine
  • Moving forward – We are actively looking for new volunteers to join the Resource Coordinator team.  If interested, please visit the Volunteer Opportunities page to see details of all the opportunities on our team as well as for the whole organization.

As NDF grows and our offerings become more varied and robust, we recognize more than ever the need to deliver Resources in a way that allows you, our Sangha, to have access to our spiritual programming as soon as possible after an event, in a way that’s as technically expedient as possible within our capabilities. The humans who make that happen, many of whom are volunteers, are dedicated and committed to this goal.  As always, we are grateful for your understanding and patience.

Please feel free to email with any questions or updates on resources missing from your account.

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