Survey: Bardo/Death and/or Prayer Circle Practice?

Survey: Bardo/Death and/or Prayer Circle Practice?

Dear Friends,

During this past year, several beloved members of our NDF community have passed away. Close friends of the deceased have organized bardo practices on behalf of Annie Baehr, Deb Krause, and Bob Morrison.

Many participants expressed that these group practices were deeply moving, supportive, and rich with Dharma teachings on life, impermanence, and death. Many have inquired if, as NDF community, we might continue to offer such practices on a regular basis, perhaps weekly or monthly. We are considering a Bardo/Death Practice Group that will meet regularly.

We are also considering a Prayer Circle Practice Group.

Currently, NDF often receives requests for prayers on behalf of members who are dealing with illness, grief, and other significant challenges. Several people have inquired if we, as a community, might offer a sort of “prayer circle” group practice on a monthly or weekly basis to meet this need.

In addition, we are considering a Combined Bardo/Death—Prayer Circle Practice Group if having only one group practice around this topic feels sufficient.

These potential practice groups would be separate and distinct from 7, 21, or 49 day bardo practice which an NDF member might request as part of their death-planning.

To enable us to move forward in discussing these possibilities, please complete this 5-minute survey by February 17, 2022. 

Your participation is vital and so appreciated!

If you have questions about this survey, you may contact Laura Howell at  .

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