Support for Natalia and Peter—traveling to Ukraine

Support for Natalia and Peter—traveling to Ukraine

Natalia and Peter, our Wonderwell chefs and beloved sangha members, are going to Ukraine in December. We are sharing Natalia’s request for assistance here:

Dear Wonderwell Sangha,

Many of you have been so caring and supportive to me since the war started in my home country. Your compassionate words, donations to the causes for Ukraine, enquiries about safety and wellbeing of my loved ones, and warm hugs have been a great pillar of support for me in the past eight month. Wonderwell and our Sangha has been a place of sanity, a true refuge amidst the continuous troubling news.

Pete and I are going to Ukraine in December. We are planning to bring emergency winter supplies to my family, friends and neighbors. With the Russian army targeting and destroying Ukrainian electrical grids and continuous air strikes in civilian neighborhoods, people in Ukraine will be in harsh conditions during this winter.

 We would highly appreciate any help in our efforts to bring home winter survival gear (sleeping gear, solar rechargeable lanterns, solar power generators, off grid cooking stoves, etc).

If you feel moved to support our efforts, here is my PayPal information for donations:

Or our address for checks: Natalia Karaulova, 356 Center Road, Bradford, NH, 03221

With deep gratitude for your help and support, firm belief in strength, resilience and victory of Ukrainian people,

May this war end soon!

Thank you so much,

Natalia and Peter

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