Get “Behind the Scenes” at Wonderwell & NDF

Get “Behind the Scenes” at Wonderwell & NDF

Volunteer Opportunities with NDF and Wonderwell

Volunteering is a beautiful way to enhance your own spiritual development while generating benefit for others. Helping with retreats and other events supports the transmission of Dharma to so many people, and it brings you into closer relationship with our wonderful staff and community.

Do you like working with people? How about lights, cameras, and technology? Ever wanted to be a spiritual shopkeeper? We invite you to review the following positions and consider joining our dedicated team of volunteers.

Volunteer from Home

Zoom Hosts

(Depending on your level of involvement, Zoom Hosting includes free attendance at online retreats and the online portions of hybrid retreats)

We need your help online! Although Wonderwell is open for onsite retreats, the bulk of NDF’s programming remains online or in hybrid online/onsite form. To make these programs possible, we need two Zoom Volunteers for each event, including Dharma Sundays, Dharma Dialogues, Meditation Groups, Weekly Classes, and all online and hybrid Retreats. PLEASE NOTE: Zoom Hosts do not need to be tech-savvy. If you know how to participate in Zoom meetings and have reliable internet, please consider serving in this crucial role. If you’d like to volunteer or request more information, please email Shemaleiah at: .

Stewardship Committee

Do you want to “give back” to NDF?  Joining the Stewardship Committee is a great way to express gratitude for the teachings. What do we do? We volunteer our time and effort to help NDF gather the financial resources it needs to keep the teachings available for all. It is important and joyful work, benefitting all beings. Please join us in “paying back by paying it forward.” Your fundraising talents would be most welcome! Please contact  to learn more.


Volunteer Onsite at Wonderwell

Onsite Tech Volunteers

Wonderwell is seeking tech-comfortable volunteers to operate our new tech station, connecting Zoom participants to the meditation hall, during hybrid events (Dharma Sundays once monthly, and hybrid retreats.) Familiarity with audio-visual equipment and with Zooming live events is helpful, but we will provide training. If you enjoy working with tech and are interested in learning more, please contact Andrea at: .

Thank you for considering taking this step on your dharma journey.


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