Changes in Season ~ Changes in Schedule

Changes in Season ~ Changes in Schedule

On-site events will resume in the fall—stay tuned for details.

Spring is springing in New Hampshire once again! Temperatures have pushed into the 60s (some days anyway—the low last night was 20) and the first crocus in the neighborhood was spotted yesterday. The blue birds have returned to Wonderwell, with several couples comparing housing options in the back yard. Robins are happily harvesting worms and the trees are starting to bud. After a long, cold, snowy winter of pandemic isolation, we are all very grateful.

The NDF/WW schedule is shifting with the seasons. Here are the highlights:

  • Our events, courses and retreats will remain online only through August.
  • Stay tuned as we work out details for re-starting in-person onsite events for the fall.
  • Monday Night Meditation will be taking a summer break—beginning the end of May.
  • Dharma Sundays will be once a month for June, July and August.
  • Dharma Dialogues will continue online monthly throughout the summer and fall.
  • You can always find the specific information, dates, times, etc. on our schedule.
What about Solo Retreats in the summer?

That’s a big thumbs up! The warmer months are a delightful time to do a solo retreat at Wonderwell. Our three solo retreat spaces open on acres of lovely grounds. For information and pictures click here.

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