Becoming Our Compassionate Self Videos Now Available

Becoming Our Compassionate Self Videos Now Available

Videos from the March 30, 2019 workshop with Dick Schwartz and Lama John Makransky are now available!

Becoming Our Compassionate Self: Integrating Parts of Ourselves into the process of Spiritual Awakening
A Conversation Between Internal Family Systems and Tibetan Buddhism

Here is the link for the full day workshop video:
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To see selected highlights from the workshop in a 40-minute YouTube video:

About the event

Have you noticed that, even after years of dedicated and sincere spiritual practice, whole areas of our personalities and our lives can remain untouched by the compassion and wisdom described in spiritual teachings? There is a paradigm shift taking place in both psychology and spiritual practice. It hinges on recognizing that we have not just one personality, but many inner sub-personalities, or parts, whose burdens obscure our access to the qualities and energy of our fuller awareness—our true Self. When we notice these parts of ourselves and how our minds have identified with them, we can learn how to welcome and integrate them into our spiritual life. 

This day-long workshop includes conceptual presentations as well as guided practices. Dick introduces IFS as it relates to meditation and spiritual practice and Lama John introduces Innate Compassion Training (ICT)—derived from Tibetan Buddhism—integrating IFS language and understanding.  Together they explore how principles and practices of IFS and ICT can help us uncover our true Self, which can hold all parts of ourselves and others in the healing and liberating powers of unconditional compassion and wisdom. 

In their down-to-earth, open, and generous personal dialog, with Lama Willa Miller and Ed Yeats, Ph.D. as discussants, various topics are addressed, including the application of the IFS model to meditation and spiritual practice, spiritual bypass, the Buddhist view of the nature of mind, Self and no-self, and what, really, is enlightenment?

The program is designed to give you a direct experience of what is being taught and includes a demonstration IFS therapy session by Dick.

By viewing the full-length video presentation, you can experience this historic exploration as if you were attending in person.

Organizations who sponsored this historic event:

  • Foundation for Active Compassion
  • The Center for Self Leadership
  • The Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy
  • Natural Dharma Fellowship

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