An Interview with our Lamas

An Interview with our Lamas

May is Membership Month

In the past year, you, and hundreds of dedicated practitioners from 39 states and 30 countries around the world, joined together in NDF programs to practice the dharma, growing our community of healing and care. If you are already a supporting member of Natural Dharma Fellowship, we thank you for your ongoing commitment.

To you who are not yet members, we extend a heartfelt invitation…
to become a supporting member of our Sangha. Your monthly or annual membership contributions provide NDF with the reliable, foundational resources needed to plan for our programs and retreats.

When you join as a member…
you are ensuring that all are welcome into the NDF Sangha, regardless of ability to pay for programs or retreats. And, your membership, joined with others, has enabled us to safely reopen our retreat center, Wonderwell Mountain Refuge, resuming in-person retreats while continuing to offer our programs online.


Maintaining equanimity and wise connections to others are challenges that we all face. 
Without the sustained support of the members of NDF our programs, retreats, and series such as The Wakeful Body, Ecosattvas in the Anthropocene, and Margha—all the ways we join together in Sangha—would not be possible.

Together we can address the current and pressing needs of our planet.
These are challenging times for many. Disease, human conflict, and climate change are urgent concerns.
Click on this brief interview below with Lama Willa and Lama Liz as they speak to how they develop programs at Natural Dharma Fellowship—bringing forward ancient contemplative practices to empower us to respond wisely.

There are many benefits to becoming an NDF member, including:
  • The joy that comes from helping to sustain the ongoing work of NDF.
  • The opportunity to serve on NDF committees, connecting with fellow yogis and yoginis while serving the Sangha.
  • Allowing NDF to offer programs to all, regardless of ability to pay.
We are thankful for your support and look forward to seeing you online or in person in the days ahead. With your help, our Sangha can grow and continue to articulate what it means to be a compassionate presence in this challenging world and the ever-wise responses it asks of us.

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