Fall 2018 Sangha Study Group

Fall 2018 Sangha Study Group

Tibetan depiction of Shantideva

Do you long to study the great texts of the Buddhist tradition in more depth? Here is your opportunity! To advance our community’s commitment to deepening study and practice, a sangha-led study group is forming this Fall to read and discuss some core texts of the Mahayana path.

The group will meet online bi-weekly using Zoom conferencing software (freely available for all computer platforms and by phone). Each eight-week module will focus on a single text. The initial text will be Shantideva’s Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life (Bodhicaryavatara). Note to Margha program participants: the reading/study group will enable focused and in-depth discussion of Shantideva to complement your winter/spring Margha readings.

The group is open to all NDF Sangha members, regardless of path, background or geography. Participants are expected to commit to the eight-week module, actively engaging with the text and attending all online sessions. There will be occasional participation by other NDF teachers, including Lama Willa, Lopon Liz Monson, Bob Morrison and Camille Hykes, who also have endorsed this group and act as its informal advisors.

The sessions will start at 9:30am Sundays, beginning September 16, and will met bi-weekly throughout fall, ending December 23.

As with other NDF Dharma events, dana offerings are accepted. To facilitate lively online discussions, there is a limit of 15 participants. If there is an enrollment of more than 15, there is an option of starting another module.

If you are interested in joining, or have questions about the fall reading/study group, please email the group facilitator, Ron Thomas (r.thomas@northeastern.edu)

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