Dharma Sunday Recordings

Dharma Sunday Recordings

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May 1 – Lama Karma – Sacred Ground: The Practice of Pilgrimage

Mar. 20 – Lama Gursam – The Nine Stages of Meditation / The Nine Ways of the Resting Mind

  • Resources
    • Maitreya, “Ornament of Mahayana Sutras”
    • Patrul Rinpoche, “The Words of My Perfect Teacher”
    • Notes
      • Calm abiding continued... The cushion is about how to practice. Practice is necessary for the spiritual path--without it there is no realization. "Practice makes perfect." Breathing can be the object & subject of meditation in Calm Abiding--concentration with the breathing, with ourself, allows us to calm in the body, which stabilizes the mind and heart. Breathing is both gentle and powerful, our true nature of the life, the reality of being alive--breathing in and out shows us we are alive, without it we are not alive. Breathing is a very serious and powerful meditation.
        1) Resting the mind; mind resting with the breathing (or wherever it is as part of our meditation practice). The *gentle* breathing can help bring us back to the resting mind.
        2) Resting the mind longer; maintaining the resting mind. E.g.; Rest mind on an object, like a flower, statue of the Buddha, Stupa, etc., then return to breath.
        3) Continually resting the mind. To bring the mind back. When you realize the mind chasing, bring it back to the breathing.
        4) Fully settling the mind. Fewer distractions outside and inside too.
        5) Taming the mind.
        6) Pacification of the mind. No longer habits there, always gentle, deeply peaceful, realizations begin to arise.
        7) Complete pacification of the mind. Emotions, attachments, desires arise but they naturally disappear into the open space. Naturally remaining in resting mind without effort.
        8) One-pointedness. Almost no effort. Wherever we are or go, resting mind is there every moment. "Disturbances" don't bother or distract us anymore.
        9) Resting in equanimity. Immediate awareness and capacity to remain in nature of mind without distractions (even amidst would-be distractions).
      • OPENING PRAYERS: Calling to my own lineage masters and asking for their blessing to receive the blessing to have realization through the practice to benefit for all living beings.

Feb. 27 - Lama Bryn - The Other Way to Listen


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