Wonder of Awareness (Winter Core 2024)

Wonder of Awareness (Winter Core 2024)

· February 2, 2024

Just as the quiet beauty of snow-covered mountains hosts an indescribable peace, our awareness is home to a lucid wakefulness within that the practice of meditation helps to unleash. This new year, experience the wonder of awareness by engaging, sustaining, and deepening into the vibrant heart of meditation practice within our online community. Mixing our experience, no matter what it is, with practice, we discover how meditation can provide a powerfully transformative container for everything that arises.

Natural Dharma Fellowship’s Annual Winter Retreat includes meditation sessions, dharma teachings, and guided movement. Teachings, offered by Lama Willa and Lama Liz, explore the nature of awareness as an innate embodied and loving resource for human flourishing. We will pay special attention to the importance of stability, self-compassion, ease, and freshness, while considering how meditation can become a resource of skillful action.

A daily movement session will keep our bodies vibrant and wakeful, and participants have an option to sign up for daily meetings with a small cohort to discuss meditation practice (a good way to connect sangha or get to know our community).

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