Tibetan Buddhism from the Ground Up (Part 1)

Tibetan Buddhism from the Ground Up (Part 1)

· January 29, 2024

Enter the vast world of the living spirituality of Tibetan Buddhism. This new reading/study group will explore the fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism. To illuminate its key teachings and  concepts, we will use the book Indestructible Truth by Reginald Ray.

The group is open to all in the NDF sangha. The only requirement to participate is a commitment to do the reading (approximately 30 pages every two weeks) and take part in a lively discussion of the material as it relates to your practice on and off the cushion.

Part 2 is based on Reginald Ray’s book Secret of the Vajra World.  We will delve deeper into the more esoteric elements of Tibet’s Tantric Buddhism.

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