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[DW TEST] New Resource (landing page)

· January 11, 2024

This weeklong retreat will focus on transformative practices that allow us to directly access the love and wisdom that are the very fabric of our deepest nature. Teachings and practices will enable participants to mature their relationship to their own awakened capacities. In particular, the retreat will emphasize ways to become receptive to the unconditioned openness, love, compassion, and wisdom of our inner being by participating in a field of unconditional love for self and others.

Because parts of us may unconsciously prevent us from opening fully to our awakened qualities, we will practice relaxing into the naturally compassionate and healing powers of our own essential nature. As a result, our Buddha nature can increasingly manifest of itself, unfolding powers of wise discernment and loving responsiveness in action.

The retreat includes meditation sessions, teachings, yoga led by Matt Fritts, and time for rest and reflection.

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