Rewilding the Soul – Yearlong Series (2024)

Rewilding the Soul – Yearlong Series (2024)

· April 11, 2024

What does it mean to be human in these times, when the sky, wind, air, rivers, oceans, soil, rains, trees, plants, and animals seem to be asking us to remember? When our bodies are asking?

The EcoDharma sangha of Natural Dharma Fellowship leans into the truths we know, finding soulful kinship with the earth, developing circles of trusted support, and learning to embody noble care for the benefit of the planet.

Our online Vernal Equinox Celebration, the launch of Rewilding the Soul 2024 includes reflections from Lama Liz and Lama Willa, guided meditation, live music, poetry, ritual, and celebration of the rebirth and resilience that spring embodies.

Participants are encouraged to construct a “wild altar” as part of our online ritual practice. The wild altar might include plants, photos, stones, shells, and other reminders of nature’s bounty. Also, a candle, fragrant plant (local to your area), and incense (or essential oil with a diffuser).

With a special guest performance by Chris Berlin and Darren Becker of Satigata!

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