Opening to Awakened Awareness Through Love and Compassion

Opening to Awakened Awareness Through Love and Compassion

· December 7, 2018

Join the developer of Innate Compassion-Wisdom Training (ICT), John Makransky, in deepening the experience of our inborn awakened capacity. In this practice, we become receptive to the primal openness, wisdom, deep peace, and compassion of our buddha nature by participating in a field of unconditional care for self and others. Yet parts of us, often unconsciously, prevent us from becoming more fully receptive to such qualities of awakening. And this can impede even long-time practitioners from much fuller access to awakened awareness.

With newly developed elements of ICT, John will show us how the compassionate, healing powers of our Buddha nature can help realign all parts of ourselves with that nature. Then our innate awakened awareness can increasingly manifest of itself, unleashing its powers of discernment and loving responsiveness in action, while empowering all other practices of awakening.

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