Natural Meditation Retreat — The Power of Original Wisdom

Natural Meditation Retreat — The Power of Original Wisdom

· January 1, 2021

Begin the new year by immersing yourself in the profound path of Mahamudra. In this retreat, through guided meditations and teachings, we will explore our connection with innate original goodness and wisdom. This five-day Zoom retreat will focus on transformative practices that allow us to directly access the love and wisdom that comprise the very fabric of our deepest nature.

Topics covered in this retreat include the nature and qualities of primordial awareness/wisdom (rigpa) together with an exploration of the techniques of tranquility meditation that function to stabilize the mind, enabling us to rest at ease in our own being while simultaneously accessing original wisdom. Throughout the retreat, we will also emphasize how to integrate natural awareness meditation into ways of speaking, listening, moving and being to merge this kind of practice with daily life. By joining primordial wisdom to our everyday activities, we can discover a bottomless source for resilience, effective action, and compassionate responsiveness to this troubled world.


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  • 24 Topics