Diving Deep with the Divine Feminine [2024]

Diving Deep with the Divine Feminine [2024]

· January 7, 2024

In this unprecedented time in human history, when we are facing radical shifts in living conditions and an ongoing destabilization of both the natural world and our personal human spheres, discovering and harnessing the powerful healing energies of the divine feminine may help us to navigate the challenging emotional experiences and energies that arise. While all beings possess these energies, they have not been as actively explored or engaged as the more dominant masculine energies that frame much of the dominant world view and our human experience.

By invoking the energies of the Divine Feminine into our practice and our lives, we can discover the innate power we possess for nurturing resilience, peace, fierce compassion and love.

During this six-week course, we will explore why and how these innate feminine energies should and could arise in our experience today as powerful resources for support and guidance. We will practice inviting these energies into our direct experience, feeling their natural somatic and psychophysical engagement in our bodies, hearts and minds as reminders that we always possess the capacity to transmute the frozen shards of our difficult emotional energies into a flowing river of resilience, insight, spaciousness, and clarity.

Open to all, no prior experience or knowledge necessary.

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