The Spark of Freedom

The Spark of Freedom

· October 5, 2023

Join us as we dive into the deep waters of awareness to explore and recognize the nature of the heart/mind. This retreat focuses on the Mahamudra techniques of Vipashyana – practices designed to enhance our capacity to experience reality directly and completely, beyond the veils of misunderstanding and conceptuality that usually mediate our experience. We will learn what it means to examine the still mind and the moving mind to relax into the vast openness of our being, the space of present-moment awareness out of which all appearances arise and back into which they dissolve. Through the practice of Vipashyana, we put in place the conditions for a direct experience of the nature of mind – an experience of spacious, awake, compassionate, and loving responsiveness to the world of suffering around us.

This retreat will include teachings, meditation sessions, group discussion and movement practices.

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