2022-05 Natural Freedom Summer Retreat

2022-05 Natural Freedom Summer Retreat

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Thank you for joining us for the “Natural Freedom Summer Retreat” retreat.

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Practice/Teaching/Study – 6/1/22, 2 PM

  • Inquiry Practice
    1. Why are you here? (in the human realm)
    2. What are you seeking?
    3. What does Relative self need?
    4. What does Rigpa need?
  • Practice Quote

Within this ultimate womb of basic space, timelessly and spontaneously present, samsara is wholly positive, nirvana is positive. Within the wholly positive expanse, samsara and nirvana have never existed. Sensory appearances are wholly positive, emptiness is positive. Within the wholly positive expanse, appearances and emptiness have never existed. Birth and death are wholly positive, happiness and suffering are positive. Within the wholly positive expanse, birth, death, happiness, and suffering have never existed. Self and other are wholly positive, affirmation and negation are positive. Within the wholly positive expanse, self, other, affirmation, and negation have never existed.

Practice/Teaching/Study – 6/2/22, 2 PM – Lama Willa

No matter what arises, even if heaven and earth change places, there
is a bare state of relaxed openness, without any underlying basis.
Without any reference point—nebulous, ephemeral, and evanescent—
this is the mode of a lunatic, free of the duality of hope and fear.
With unbiased view and meditation, ordinary consciousness that is caught up in reification collapses.
Without the entanglements of wishful thinking, there is no “thing” to strive for or achieve.

Let whatever happens happen and whatever manifests manifest.
Let whatever occurs occur and whatever is be.
Let whatever is anything at all be nothing at all.

Practice/Teaching/Study – 6/3/22, 2 PM – Lama Willa

  • Inquiry questions:
    • What did you see as a demi-god?
    • What was your experience of being in a god realm?
    • When you returned to rigpa, what did you see?
    • How does rigpa see the realms?
  • Practice Quote from p. 5

 Mind itself is a vast expanse, the realm of unchanging space.

Its indeterminate display is the expanse of the magical expression of its responsiveness.
Everything is the adornment of basic space and nothing else.
Outwardly and inwardly, things proliferating and resolving are the dynamic energy of awakened mind.
Because this is nothing whatsoever yet arises as anything at all,
it is a marvelous and magical expression, amazing and superb.

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