Suzanne Harvey

Meeting Lama Willa in the fall of 2011 was a turning point on my path: I’d found my teacher. Shortly thereafter I attended one of the first Dharma Sundays and have been a part of NDF ever since, with special appreciation also for Lama Liz and the many teachers who add to the richness of our sangha’s experience. The Margha program, Vajrayana, and Dzogchen tracks have deepened my dharma life, on and off the cushion. Now my EcoDharma and Council practices carry me forward.

My careers in publishing, project management, and politics, coupled with lifelong activism in justice issues, have led me to serve for six years on the board of the NH Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence and currently on the board of Orion House, a residential home for boys in NH. I also volunteer in two court diversion/restorative justice programs.
You can find some of my writing in Tricycle‘s archives.