Sarah Buie

Sarah Buie is a designer/educator who encourages deeper collective, comprehensive awakening to our situation within our planetary ecosystem.  She is Founding Convener of the international network, the Council on the Uncertain Human Future, and also founded the campus-wide climate curriculum initiative A new Earth conversation at Clark University (both funded by the Christopher Reynolds Foundation).

She is Professor Emerita and Research Scholar at Clark, where she served as Director of the Higgins School of Humanities and its Difficult Dialogues initiative. She was an award-winning museum exhibition designer for twenty-five years, with projects nationally and in India.

Since her introduction to Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal and Tibet in 1986, she is a longtime practitioner; she studies with Lama Willa and Lama Liz, and serves on the board of Natural Dharma Fellowship.

Visit the website: Council on the Uncertain Human Future