Thilo Marg Bracken

Thilo Marg Bracken, MA, was formally introduced to meditation in the late 1970s, and drawn by his unfolding curiosity and openness to discovery, went on to study religion, with a special emphasis on mythology—accessing layers of meaning through play and inquiring experientially into the mysteries of healing.  He is also a Reiki master and has been practicing this art of healing since 1981.

Since the inception of Natural Dharma Fellowship, Thilo has adopted a formal Buddhist practice through NDF teachers.  Since 2013 he has volunteered as a Mitra in the Margha program and since 2022 as a member of the Wonderwell building committee. He currently practices Vajrayana with Lama Liz’s guidance and reads and rereads the Treasuries of Longchenpa for fun.

The fun part is that everything is new again every time because experiential awareness of what is pointed out is constantly evolving. The practice with the Sangha, the Margha groups, and the retreats integrates the three jewels that support this experiential learning.  He is always curious about what is.