Jeff Sullivan

Jeff Sullivan is currently the head Margha Mitra for the Springfield, NH Natural Dharma Fellowship Margha group. A longtime student of Lama Willa Miller, Jeff thinks of himself less as a “teacher” than as a curious investigator of the mystery of experience.

Known for his ability to engage his students through his use of provocative questions and interactive exercises, he is interested in how to integrate the wisdom of the dharma with the best of western knowledge to provoke a transformation of consciousness and care in the world.

In addition to his work with NDF, Jeff also helps to facilitate workplace mindfulness meditation sessions and workplace culture initiatives for his current corporate employer.

He is a senior student of Integral Enlightenment founder Craig Hamilton and is a member of Craig’s Living Evolution virtual community and a founding member of, a non-denominational monthly meditation event. He has also studied with Lama John Makransky, Lama Surya Das, and mystical philosopher Jeff Carreira.

When not teaching or practicing meditation, you will likely find him writing, watching a good movie, or taking a meditative walk in nature.


Jeff Sullivan is a Margha Mitra for the Springfield/Sunapee Margha group. He has been co-leading Margha groups for 6 years. During this time Jeff has come to appreciate the unique value of the Margha teachings and practices. A gifted transmitter of these teachings, Jeff is also a skilled facilitator who values the power and wisdom of the collective. For Jeff the Margha program is more than an opportunity to learn and practice the love, compassion and liberation teachings of Mahamudra. It represents a precious opportunity to regularly gather in deep communion with one another and fearlessly express the wisdom that resides within each of us. The program, he feels, helps unlock our innate capacities for courage and care so that we can become better, more loving human beings and genuine forces for good in our troubled world. Jeff is also a Natural Dharma Fellowship Meditation teacher. When he’s not busy teaching meditation and mentoring students, you’ll find him reading, writing and enjoying a good movie with friends.