Jai Levy

Jai has been traveling the path of self-discovery, healing and awakening for 40 years, integrating her practice and study of Buddhism, Embodiment, and Depth Psychology into her life and work as a somatic psychotherapist.

She has completed numerous teacher-guided and solitary retreats since 1986, including two 100-day cloistered retreats under the guidance of Lama Surya Das and Lama Willa Baker, who transmitted The Six Yogas of Naropa and Dzogchen practices that they received from their teachers. Jai also has a special love for the practice of pilgrimage and has journeyed several times to Tibet, Nepal, India and Brazil with one of her primary teachers, Charles Genoud.

Completing the Gesture of Awareness teacher training in 2010, she is authorized by Charles to teach this unelaborated and profound approach to “the body of presence”– awareness and the embodiment of non-duality through direct experience.

As a psychotherapist, working with Somatic Experiencing and AEDP, approaches to healing trauma and restoring the full capacity for life through awareness of the body, direct present experience, understanding of the nervous system, and the potent, alchemical vessel forged by the therapeutic relationship, Jai finds deep inspiration in the heroic inner journeys of her clients, who teach her so much.

She feels boundlessly grateful to have met many authentic spiritual teachers and healers, through both personal encounters and retreats, as well as teachings received from the natural world and in texts, and through the practice of not-knowing, which keeps unfolding.