Janet VonTalge

Janet has a 50-year career in nursing, often caring for people with difficult life-changing situations and death and dying.  Her dharma practice began about 1994 when she found the Wisdom teachings in Sogyl Rinpoche’s book, Tibetan Book of Living and Dying which explained why she felt connected with some people on a deep level.

She practiced with a sangha that focused on teachings from various lineages. One day, through a friend, she visited Wonderwell and found her home.  She started attending the Margha Program when it was quite new and has been with it ever since.   Because she moved away from driving distance to Wonderwell and now lives in New York, the zoom program has been a real blessing.  She is now in her 2nd year as a Mitra in the Margha program and is thankful for the opportunity to give back for so much she has received.