Gregory Bruss

Greg’s meandering path to and through Buddhism began in 1969 when he put his toe in the stream of Dharma with a very perceptive Zen Roshi who ….. told him to keep searching. Primarily a “book Buddhist” in his earlier days, Greg was constantly on the move through the 70’s until settling in New Hampshire. Discovering along the way his love of teaching, as well as learning, Greg became a high school teacher and this way of expressing his care ranged across thirty years. It was his great good fortune during all those years to attend events by the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hahn which kept inviting him to recognize his need to tread still more determinedly on the Path.

If one cannot get to the mountain have the mountain come to you… One day out of the blue Wonderwell Mountain Refuge manifested itself quite literally in Greg’s backyard. From the moment he knocked on the door and Lama Willa invited him in for tea, he knew he was home. Greg has been blessed to participate in various NDF activities by wearing several hats over the years, not only as a student but as a staff member too at Wonderwell.