Eric Brus

Eric embarked on the Buddhist path in the early 1990s, first taking precepts in the Theravada Buddhist tradition under the guidance of Larry Rosenberg and Narayan Liebenson. Inspired by the bodhisattva ideal and inexplicably drawn to Tantric Buddhist art, Eric began exploring the teachings and practices of Vajrayana Buddhism in the 2010s.

He found a spiritual home in the Vajrayana after encountering the innate wisdom and compassion teachings of Lama John Makransky and, soon after, the profound teachings on natural meditation and bodhicitta of Lama Willa Miller, Lama Liz Monson, and other NDF core and visiting teachers.

Eric’s Vajrayana teachers also include Anam Thubten, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, and Rob Preece. He continues to be inspired by the Theravada monk Ajahn Amaro and other disciples of Luang Por Chah. Eric enjoys learning from teachers in all spiritual traditions. He is particularly fortunate to have Joel Baehr as a teacher, mentor, and Dharma friend.

Under the guidance of Lama Willa and Lama Liz, Eric continues to learn about and practice Tantric Buddhism and Dzogchen. He has a strong affinity for Dharma study, yoga, chanting, and meditation – which together nourish mind, body, and spirit.

When Eric first participated in NDF’s Margha program, he was deeply impressed by the sequence, breadth, and depth of the teachings offered on meditation and bodhicitta, as well as Margha’s supportive structure for learning from NDF teachers, mitras, and Dharma friends in retreats and small group settings. After several years as a Margha participant, Eric has served as a co-mitra for the Cambridge and online Margha groups, and recently assumed the role of Margha’s Associate Director. He is also a meditation teacher with NDF and the Awakening Heart Practice Community.

Eric is deeply committed to making Dharma teachings more widely available.  As a volunteer, he edits audio recordings for all general NDF retreats, courses, and weekly teachings, as well as teachings specifically for students in the Margha program, Vajrayana track, and Dzogchen track. In addition, he serves on NDF’s Tech/Communications Committee.

During the first half of Eric’s career, he worked as a science writer, editor, and consultant with particular emphasis on energy and environmental issues. For more than 25 years, he has been a health educator and writer with the AIDS Action Committee and the New England AIDS Education and Training Center. Eric lives with his husband and best Dharma friend Dave O’Neal in Watertown, Massachusetts.