Chris Crotty

Chris Crotty, M.A., BCCC, BCPC, is a Buddhist teacher, board certified clinical chaplain and pastoral counselor, and furniture maker. His Dharma activities are divided between public teaching in the insight (Vipassana) tradition and a contemplative livelihood informed by solitude and silence; he resides intermittently throughout the year at a secluded hermitage conducive to meditation and study. Chris is the co-spiritual director at The Center for Mindfulness & Insight Meditation, is on the faculty at Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, and collaborates regularly with other centers and teachers upon invitation. He combines his training in the Dharma and chaplaincy to provide pastoral care and counsel to individuals and groups, and is an active member of The Center Spiritual Care & Pastoral Formation and the Spiritual Care Association. 

Practicing meditation since 1998, he has taken retreat with Burmese monastics Sayadaw U Indaka and Sayadaw U Tejaniya, scholar-practitioner Bhikkhu Analayo, western monastics of the Zen and Thai Forest tradition, and senior western Vipassana teachers. Chris was authorized to teach Buddhadharma in 2015 by senior teachers in the western Insight (vipassana) tradition, and in 2016 was encouraged to teach vipassana and metta by Sayadaw U Indaka (Chanmyay Myaing, Myanmar). More about Chris at