Anne Giesen

Anne Giesen, D.O. Dr. Anne Giesen comes from a family lineage of physicians including her grandfather, father, and brother. She felt drawn to medicine as both a profession and a vocation. Dr. Giesen chose osteopathic medicine because of its whole person, ‘mind-body-spirit’ philosophy.

During her family medicine residency, Dr. Giesen realized that she had a strong affinity for the care of older adults and decided to pursue a fellowship in geriatric medicine. She has since obtained certification in hospice/palliative medicine and did hospice work for many years. In both geriatrics and palliative medicine, Dr. Giesen enjoys partnering with patients to help them form their unique goals of care and, if needed, to navigate difficult medical and life transitions.

Dr. Giesen has been a Buddhist practitioner and a meditator for many years and feels that this strengthens her ability to provide care to others.