From Survey Monkey questionnaire for: Practicing Natural Compassion, 6-day online retreat, July 2020

From Survey Monkey questionnaire for: Practicing Natural Compassion, 6-day online retreat, July 2020

— What a great gift! Yes, the retreat surpassed my expectations, which were already high because the last zoom retreat hosted by Wonderwell was also excellent! I loved the extra last minute AM & PM meditation offerings as well as the extra Q&As too—they really rounded it out.

— Lama Liz, Camille and Janine each brought so very much of themselves and the Dharma. I loved the interplay between each teaching, the commitment to providing an embodied experience (not easy online, so bravo!), the thoughtful answers to questions, etc.

I was also so pleased that we didn’t turn away from the state of our nation and world–that the clear focus of doing this retreat and deepening in these practices is (and always has been) so we can engage with the world with greater wisdom and compassion for the purpose of liberating ALL.

I liked that it was also clearly stated many times that we do not need to, nor should we, wait for our own enlightenment before taking action in the world. Rather, the action of enlightenment is something that we awake to more and more each day and as such bring into our lives both in a natural fashion (i.e., in our relationships and work), but also that we can and should be intentional about awakening to the reality of samsara and engage in dismantling systems that perpetuate harm.

Again, I am so very grateful for Lama Liz’s teachings, especially her call to social engagement, willingness to share her own persona challenges and opportunities for growth along the path, interwoven with a deep, grounded intellectual, practical and beyond words understanding of the Dharma, Camille’s deep, vivid weaving of history, stories, sensual imagery, and true engagement with the path, as well as Janine’s wonderful yoga classes that have allowed me to return to yoga and to unburden myself of my resistance and reactivity to it that had prevented me from engage with a physical/spiritual practice that I once loved.

The interplay of all these teachings, and mostly of the way the teachers embodied and demonstrated the teachings was profound. The curriculum itself is truly a great gift to me and to the world. It was clear, well-paced, deeply engaging and transformative. My deepest gratitude to all involved.

— beyond excellent. way Way WAY beyond excellent

— Some people despair over Zoom, however it is clear the dharma transcends times and space and this week proved it so!!

— A deeply meaningful retreat, all the more so, with it all being offered by Zoom. The teachers and Zoom hosts did a fantastic job!! Thank you so much and to all of the wonderful sangha who participated. Deeply appreciated this opportunity.