Lama Karma Justin Wall

Lama Karma (Justin Wall) has over seven years of teaching experience, both as a facilitator through Clear Light Mindfulness and in more traditional contexts.

He graduated with honors from Columbia University with degrees in English Literature and Religious Studies and completed two three-year retreats and one six-month retreat in the Karma Kagyu, Nyingma, and Shangpa Kagyu traditions. He completed a year-long certification course in Mindfulness Facilitation through the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA.

He is also an accredited facilitator of the 8-week Open Mindfulness Training through the Altruistic Open Mindfulness Network, as well as the Tibetan Inner Yoga Training. He is the spiritual director of the Milarepa Retreat Center in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, and founded the eco-dharma Earth Vase Pilgrimage project in the Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountain region. He is also a founding board member of the Lotus Light Contemplative Community Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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