Kathe McKenna

Dharma Teacher, NDF Board President

Kathe was one of the founders of Haley House in 1966 when she and her husband welcomed men who were homeless into their apartment. For the next 42 years, she merged her background in Christian contemplation with service.

In the 80s she walked for peace and chanted with the Nipponzan Myohoji monks and nuns. She was introduced to Dzogchen by Sogyal Rinpoche and became a student of Lama Surya Das under whose guidance she went on a 100 day Wisdom retreat.

It is Tibetan Buddhism with its practices that turn poison into medicine – in oneself and in the world – that is her path.

Upcoming Event with This Teacher

The Spark of Freedom

July 9 @ 6:00 am - July 14 @ 11:30 pm

Poetry as Practice: Attention, Experience, Insight, Language

November 5 @ 6:00 am - November 7 @ 11:30 pm

Accessing Our Buddha Nature with the Support of Psychological Science

August 27 @ 6:00 am - August 29 @ 11:30 pm
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