Natural Dharma Fellowship Chaplain

In 2018 Jean Ashland was appointed as the Natural Dharma Fellowship Chaplain by Lama Willa. Jean was ordained as a lay Buddhist minister in 2016 by Roshi Joan Halifax after completing the two year Buddhist Chaplaincy program at Upaya Zen Center in 2015.  She has been an active NDF member since 2008 and currently lives in Belfast, Maine where she also serves as a hospital and hospice chaplain. Jean is available to offer support for any NDF member who is facing serious illness, death, or loss in their life. This support may include:

  • Compassionate/empathic presence
  • Listening
  • Exploring what is meaningful in your life
  • How to be with these difficult challenges of illness, loss, and dying
  • How to access your spiritual practice and supports as a container during these times
  • Exploring how to engage in conversations with family/friends about what is happening with you

Jean is available by phone or video conference. Please feel free to contact her if you are interested in receiving spiritual care support or exploring if she could be a supportive resource for you.

Contact information


Jean Ashland

Buddhist Chaplain

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