Introduction to Meditation: A Retreat for Beginners

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Introduction to Meditation: A Retreat for Beginners

Kathe McKenna
December 8, 2023 - December 10, 2023

This retreat will have both residential and online components. Please check back for schedule, pricing, and the opening of registration. Thank you!

When you develop a meditation practice, you are being kind to yourself and to all those you love. Actually—to all sentient beings. The sacred silence that a weekend hybrid retreat at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge provides can be the perfect way to begin your journey on the path toward awakening. 

The Sanskrit word for meditation is bhavana, which means training the body-heart-mind to skillfully engage with what is here and now. Meditation is supported by mindfulness, the ability to pay attention. Learning to let go of our incessant reliance on the conceptual, thinking mind is a key part of the path. 

We will also learn how to compassionately come alongside whatever arises in our field of experience, including difficult thoughts and feelings. There will be ample time for instruction and guided meditation practice. In addition, personal dharma conversations will be offered, as well as time for questions.



December 8–10, 2023.

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Kathe McKenna

Dharma Teacher, NDF Board President
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