The Dharma Dialogues: Ecosattvas in the Anthropocene

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The Dharma Dialogues: Ecosattvas in the Anthropocene

Dekila Chungyalpa, Thanissara, Hildur Palsdottir
September 25, 2022

A year-long series of conversations sponsored by Natural Dharma Fellowship

Live online featuring a different teacher one Sunday each month from 10:00 to 11:30 ET

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Anthropocene: /ˈanTHrəpəˌsēn/ “The geologic period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.”

We live in unprecedented times; human activities have altered the climate and disrupted ecosystems, threatening life on Earth as we know it.

How shall we conduct ourselves within a changing climate and world? How do we listen deeply, and find our way from here? How might the dharma and the natural world serve as teachers and guides?

In 2022, the Dharma Dialogues will focus on these important questions. We have brought together some of the founding luminaries of the mindfulness-informed eco-activist movement for a yearlong series of deep dialogues on these issues. Join us for a series of monthly conversations about our experience of and engagement with the global ecological crisis from a Buddhist perspective.

We will discuss and explore:

  • How to expand our inner resources to adapt to the consequences of a changing climate
  • Interdependence, indigenous ways of knowing, and reciprocity as spiritual practices
  • Climate justice and active hope
  • Mindfulness and compassion practices as a skill set for preventing further harm
  • Creativity and curiosity as resources for changing behavior
  • How to dissolve the divide between “contemplative ways of knowing” and “activism”
  • Directly experiencing the natural world as a means to reestablish our deep interconnectedness with our ecosystems
  • Exploring the deep power of community as an arena within which to find connection, support, insight, and resilience

Jan. 30        Joanna Macy interviewed by Lama Willa Blythe Baker
Feb. 20        Kaira Jewel interviewed by Lama Liz Monson
March 27     Sensei Kritee Kanko interviewed by Lama Willa Blythe Baker
April 17        Venerable Bikkhu Bodhi interviewed by Lama Liz Monson
May 22        Council on the Uncertain Human Future facilitated by Sarah Buie
June 26       Stephanie Kaza interviewed by Sarah Buie
July 31         Kristin Barker interviewed by Hildur Palsdottir
Aug. 28       Kaia Svien interviewed by Hildur Palsdottir
Sept. 25       Dekila Chungyalpa and Thanissara interviewed by Hildur Palsdottir
Oct. 30         Susan Murphy interviewed by Sarah Buie
Nov. 27        Mark Coleman interviewed by Hildur Palsdottir
Dec. 18        Susie Harrington interviewed by Lama Blythe Baker

For more information about the teachers, please visit the Dharma Dialogues page.

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About the Teachers

Dekila Chungyalpa

Visiting Teacher, Dharma Dialogue Guest
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Visiting Teacher, Dharma Dialogue Guest
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Hildur Palsdottir

Visiting Teacher, Dharma Dialogues Interviewer
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