2021-04_Wakeful Body Module 2: The Art of Vajra Vinyasa

2021-04_Wakeful Body Module 2: The Art of Vajra Vinyasa

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A six-week course with Lama Willa Miller, Wednesdays
April 28 through June 2, 2021 | 
10:00–11:30 am EST

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  • Wah!
  • John de Kadt
  • Alex Theory (Earth Album)
  • Daphne Tse
  • Benjy Wertheimer
  • The Nataraja album compiled by Shiva Rea

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Quote of the Week

O friend, understand: the body is like the ocean, rich with hidden treasures.

Open your inmost chamber and light its lamp.

Within the body is gardens, rare flowers, peacocks, the inner music; within the body is a lake of bliss, on it, the white soul-swans take their joy.

— Mirabai

PRACTICE of the week (Week 3):

Mother-Channel Breathing

Close your eyes and imagine your body is made of energy and light, like a vivid hologram.

Now drop down into the core of your body.

Don’t just witness the core. Float down into your core with your consciousness so that you are inside your energy-light body.

There, extending from the crown of your head to the base of your spine is a column of light. As you enter the column of light, you encounter an open, endless sky right in the core of your body.

Now, connect to the feeling of your breath.

Breathing through your nostrils, gradually deepen your inhales and exhales.

As you inhale, breathe into the sky-like mother channel in the core of your body.

As you exhale, release the light and space of the mother channel on your out-breath so that it mixes with the space all around you.

Long, slow, deep, gentle inhales. Long slow, deep, gentle exhales. Continue for about five minutes.

Then rest with your eyes open, heart open, mind open.



[earth body]

Ground [in the physical body]:

Allow attention to be drawn to the body’s natural earthiness and groundedness.

Relax [what is tightly wound]

Notice where tension exists and release. Use the breath.

[energy body]

Open [the senses, mind, and body]

Open the ears, nose, eyes, mouth, eyes, heart, and mind.

Unfetter [the shadow]

What residue of feeling underlies your surface experience. Befriend.

[sky body]

Nurture [Awareness]

Allow your attention to relax completely and let your mind expand outwards infinitely. Be effortless.

[body of integration]

Dissolve [the illusion of separateness]

Let the separation between mind and body, mind and prana, self and world dissolve.

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