Prajna and Contemplation — Lama Liz Monson

Prajna and Contemplation — Lama Liz Monson

· February 24, 2014

Contemplation forms a bridge between intellectual understanding and direct experience. We tend to believe that we are nothing more than the thinking, conceptual mind that has ideas and thoughts about everything. But the Buddhist path of meditation encourages us to develop not only our intellectual acumen, but also a deeper, non-conceptual level of wisdom and awareness known as prajna. The practice of contemplation is one way to traverse the bridge between conceptual understanding and the innate knowing awareness that lies at the heart of who we are. When this is experienced directly, primordial wisdom, awareness and compassion are freed to take expression in whatever way is needed. These talks and meditations explore this process, helping us to learn more and more how to bring the whole of our being to our path. Liberation entails a full-body, full-mind, full-heart experience that is unshakeable and direct. We are so much more than what we think.

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