2022-01 Finding Our Fields of Love

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Finding Our Fields of Love

Thank you for joining us for the Finding Our Fields of Love retreat.  Here you will find links to the session recordings as well as the additional resources and links mentioned during the retreat.

Opening Session – 1/21/22 – Liz, Camille, Eric, and Matt


Teaching – 1/22/22 at 2:30 – Camille


Q&A – 1/23/22 at 2:00 – Matt


Teaching – 1/23/22 at 2:30 – Camille


Teaching – 1/24/22 at 2:30 – Camille

  • Nyoshul Lungtok, Pith Instructions from deathbed

Sometime, go outside and sit
In the evening at sunset,
When there’s a slight breeze that touches your body,
And makes the leaves and trees move gently.
You’re not trying to do anything really.
You’re simply allowing yourself to be,
Very open from deep within,
Without holding onto anything whatsoever.
Don’t bring something back from the past, from a memory.
Don’t plan that something should happen.
Don’t hold onto anything in the present.

      • Shakyamuni Buddha quote
    • All the sufferings...it is just your dreams...you are here with me in the same immeasurable power of jewels.
  • Tsoknyi Rinpochi quote
    • Sometimes, go outside and sit when there is a light breeze that touches your body...without holding on to anything whatsoever...suffused with the tenderness of true compassion.


Teaching – 1/25/22 at 2:30 – Camille

  • Lama Rod Owens, “Love and Rage”
    • We have to accept the reality of our broken hearts...meet the violence of the world with as much openness as possible.
  • Anam Thubten quote
    • Delusion seemingly seperates humans from Buddha Nature... dissolves our delusion
  • Lama John quote
    • ...they reveal all persons as worthy of love and ourselves as people who can love... draw us into a more pure way of perceiving...
  • Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche quote
    • ...if we just let it be as it naturally is...there is no way to stray from the view...this you can check for yourself
  • Shabkar quote
    • ...my family is all beings of the six-realms...my name is hermit, protected by the three jewels...
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