Exploring the Path of the New Saint in Times of Crisis (2024)

Exploring the Path of the New Saint in Times of Crisis (2024)

· June 21, 2024

We are living through an apocalypse struggling to learn lessons through a pervasive pandemic, economic instability, political unrest, climate change, and various forms of systematic violence. As a result, both our individual and collective grief and trauma seems overwhelming.

The New Saint is a contemporary expression of an ancient Buddhist tradition, which understands the saint as a Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva is roughly translated as a “spiritual warrior” and is motivated by the energy of Bodhicitta or a profound altruistic wish to free all beings from suffering. The New Saint tradition is a reframing of the bodhisattva tradition that is contemporary and justice oriented, centering the experiences of communities involved directly in liberation struggle. New Saint embodies spiritual abolition which is the work of abolishing any system and institution that prevents people from experiencing full agency to determine the quality of their lives and restricting resources needed to experience happiness, safety, and care.

In this retreat, Lama Rod will teach practices and ideas from his latest Book “The New Saints” exploring liberatory practice through meditation, deity practice, land-based rituals, fire ceremonies, somatic movement, singing, mantras along with in-depth discussions.

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