Entering the Vajra World – Vajrayana (2024)

Entering the Vajra World – Vajrayana (2024)

· June 6, 2024

This retreat enters practitioners into the sacred world of the Vajrayana – a world replete with the colors, textures, and shifting energies of the awakened state. Together we will practice the Vajrayana practices, engage in Tantric ritual, and explore the terma teachings given by Padmasambhava to his consort Yeshe Tsogyal, as these are expressed in the work, Treasures From Juniper Ridge. Among the topics we will investigate from that text are discussions of the ‘intermediate states’ of living, dying, and death as these are understood within the Tibetan Buddhist Vajrayana tradition. Together, we will also embark on a journey to understand the difference between distorted view, created through our misperception of phenomena, and pure view, the experience of the unification of primordial purity and spontaneous presence – the heart of awareness itself.

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