Dharma Pedagogy: Exploring Teaching, Guiding, Embodying the Dharma (2024)

Dharma Pedagogy: Exploring Teaching, Guiding, Embodying the Dharma (2024)

· May 30, 2024

In this year’s Natural Dharma Fellowship Teacher’s Retreat, Lama Willa and Lama Liz will be sharing their heart advice about the art of teaching, leading, and embodying the Dharma for the benefit of others. The retreat will include reflections from the Lamas and our entire circle of teachers on how to offer the Dharma and how to guide practice. We will consider: What does it mean to offer the Dharma from our deepest place of authenticity? Why are some guided meditations so effective and profound? What makes them so? How can we ever more fully embody our helping roles for the benefit of others?

We will explore the importance of intention, personal practice, preparation, spontaneity, psychological self-awareness, space, voice, presence, openness to feedback, and other dimensions of pedagogical development.

Our retreat will include sharing heart advice from the Lamas, interactive exercises to curate the wisdom of the attending leaders on the art of teaching, small group work, a presentation on developing a feedback culture, and group practice sessions.

All Meditation Teachers, Mitras, Dharma Teachers, and Visiting Teachers with Natural Dharma Fellowship are welcome and encouraged to attend this online retreat. The more of us attend, the richer the experience will be! There will be opportunities to share our personal wisdom on the art of teaching, guiding, and leading for the benefit of others.

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